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What is it?

Singing for Smiles is a project Hayley created in her third year of College. She wanted to use her story and love for classic country music to create a program for those in nursing/retirement homes to enjoy. Singing For Smiles is aimed for the elderly. We have a growing rate and will continue to have a growing rate. After a certain age most elderly are put in nursing homes, or stuck at home and don’t get out. They should be celebrating their life not sitting alone and feeling depressed.

My Story

My grandma was in a retirement home, and had just had a stroke which paralysed the right side of her body, including her throat. She couldn’t eat, communicate, or do any basic things and we were not sure how long she would stay with us. Music is a big part of my family and I knew that my grandma loved when I sang. So I decided to bring my guitar and sing to her the next time I saw her. As soon as I got there I opened my guitar case and started to tune my guitar , I immediately saw her face light up. I started singing old country tunes and gospel tunes and her eyes were wide with excitement and happiness. After singing to her, it was like a sign from God, she was able to eat, and move a bit.  It was a miracle. From this experience I found my purpose and what God wants me to do. My purpose is to sing and create music that inspires others, and creates smiles.

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